So you want to learn to Paraglide

Paragliding is a great sport that can done almost anywhere in the world, its actually quite easy to learn with the modern, easy to launch Paragliders that we have these days, the whole equipment packs up into a small backpack that weighs around 15kgs making it really easy to take it with you when travelling.

There are different aspects to the sport commonly known as inland, mostly thermal flying and coastal soaring where we use the sea breeze being directed up by the the ridge lines to keep us aloft.

Its best to learn in both environments, this allows you to gain a more rounded view of the entire sport, if you live on the coast you will find that most of your flying will be done there , however you will venture inland for some thermal flying, hence the need to learn both aspects.

Depending on you age, health and fitness it will take you 9-10 days to learn to fly a Paraglider well enough to gain a SAFA PG2 Licence

It takes most people around 30 flights to attain the PG2 licence and this then allows you to fly with other experienced pilots that will help you gain local knowledge about the sites and weather conditions that are safe to fly in as a beginner to the sport, a further 15 hours/60 flight/25 flying days and you can move on to a PG3 licence where you will have enough knowledge to progress independently in the sport, in reality we never fly alone, there is always someone on every site whenever the conditions are suitable for flying. Paragliding is a club orientated activity

Paragliding Victoria offer licence courses during the summer months from October thru April

All of our licence courses are conducted in Bright under our primary facility Alpine Paragliding

Included in the course, all training equipment, SAFA trainee membership fee, student work book, reference DVD and 9 actual days of training required to see you achieve the PG2 licence.

Cost $2500

Contact us for course dates and further information on how we run our courses