Gift Vouchers are a great way to surprise your family and friends

Our Tandem Vouchers include a 25 minute flight with a SAFA certified Tandem Instructor.

Inflight photos and video that you get to take with you on a SD card,  enabeling you to edit and post them on the various forms of social media. We use a Hero 4 high resolution camera and a pole so you get some great closeup footage of you actually flying the Paraglider.

Your instructor will launch and land the paraglider and show you how to use the rising air currents to stay aloft. Want more excitement - ask the instructor to show you some acro moves!

Gift vouchers are valid for two years from date of purchase.



Tandem Flight Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be purchased below, payments are processed securely via Square (a secure checkout will open in a new window).

Buy for $250

Once the voucher is purchased, send an email to with the name of the person the voucher is for, and who the voucher is from.

Vouchers are then emailed to you, for you to print out and give to recipent.